Child Sponsorship Success Stories

Follow the lives of the representative children in cbm’s Child Sponsorship Programme. See for yourself how your giving transforms the lives of children, families and entire communities.

26 August 2021


Two-year-old Benjamin was born with congenital bilateral cataracts. The youngest of five children and, unfortunately, not the only one in his...

31 December 2020


Abandoned at birth by her mother and father, 3-year-old Fatuma was left in the care of Gertrude, her maternal grandmother. She is much loved and...

31 December 2019


On the towering hillsides of Nepal, Dinesh was born with one leg completely missing. No thigh or stump for attaching a prosthetic leg. This would...

31 December 2018


See how cbm child sponsorship have set a little girl free from double clubfoot. In Uganda, Rebecca and her mother lived in such poverty, they...

31 December 2017


Shiva is a 5-year-old boy who was born with extremely bowed legs due to a rare genetic disorder. He lives with his parents Goma and Tanka and his...

31 December 2016


Yamuna is a 12-year-old girl, living with her parents and two of her four siblings in a two storey mud hut in Hernamadi village Nepal – a five...

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