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Dinknesh lives in constant fear. She suffers from trachoma, an infectious eye disease that causes extreme pain. And with every blink, she gets closer and closer to permanent blindness.

But what makes Dinknesh most afraid is the fate of her three small children. Who will look after them when she goes blind?

But it does not have to be this way. There is a cure for trachoma. In fact, this disease can be both treated and prevented.

Your gift will save families like Dinknesh’s from the pain and blindness of trachoma.

I’m excited to announce that the pharmaceutical company Pfizer Inc. ™ has generously donated trachoma-fighting antibiotics. But we need your help to get these drugs to the children, parents and caregivers who need them, before it is too late.

Because of Pfizer’s donation, your gift will send EIGHT TIMES the value of sight-saving medication. That means you can free EIGHT TIMES as many mothers and children from the nightmare of trachoma.

It starts when mothers and children catch the infection from contaminated water or sites with poor sanitation. Flies quickly spread the disease from person to person, threatening entire communities.

The infection causes red sores on the inside of the eyelid. These eventually scar over. With repeated infections, the scarring turns the eyelid inward. With every blink, the brittle eyelashes scrape the eye like sandpapers. The pain is unbearable.

Eventually the cornea is destroyed by the scratching and scarring and the victim becomes permanently blind.

This horrible fate almost happened to Dinknesh. In fact, the pain had become so severe she had started ripping out her own eyelashes, just for some temporary relief. I can’t imagine what this young mother was suffering.

But then a kind person like you stepped in and offered to pay for sight-saving eyelid surgery and antibiotics. This one small act saved Dinknesh’s sight – and saved her years of excruciating pain.

Together, we must help as many parents and children as we possibly can, before they lose their sight permanently.

This is an incredible opportunity to bring Jesus’s hope and light to some of the world’s most vulnerable people – people he loves dearly.

Please shine God’s light in the world today.

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