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Humanitarian Aid

Three-year old Haris undergoes physiotherapy at the cbm-CDD rehabilitation health centre in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh. His disability limits his movement and daily activities, in particular, playing with other children, leaving Haris feeling lonely and isolated.

Haris’ parents and three siblings are Rohingya Refugees, having fled their farm in Myanmar when neighbouring villages were affected by violence and houses were burned.

What on earth can be worse than fleeing for your life because you are afraid in your own country?

In Cox’s Bazar, they have made a shelter themselves with bamboo and plastic sheets. The space is very small for six people, just 6 feet x 6 feet. They had a hard time initially, but are settling down and, most importantly, feeling safe.

There are so many refugees, like Haris and his family, whose future is still uncertain. They have no choice but to rely on humanitarian aid.

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