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12-year-old Naomi, from the Manawatu, has decided she has enough money in the bank, and is now donating her hard-earned pocket money to disadvantaged children like Fatuma in Uganda.

Twice a week Naomi’s mum Susan and one of her three daughters, trek next door to clean the Levin golf course. Naomi, 12, Hannah, 10, and Rachel, 15, take turns, and each get $20 a month for their hard work helping to clean the course.

Naomi asked her mother if she could make regular monthly payments to support cbm’s Child Sponsorship programme instead, because she wants to help people who are suffering.

“I have money in my bank now, I don’t really need it, I can give it to other people who need it. I want to help other people, and to be compassionate towards them.”

The family has been donating to cbm for about three years, with the girls making extra donations at Christmas.

We are humbled by Naomi’s generosity and her compassion to help children who are less fortunate than herself. May God bless her and her family.

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