Bruce Morriss

South Island Engagement Manager Bruce came to cbm in November 2018 after almost 21 years in the charity sector, as well as working as a Mechanical Services Engineer in Christchurch. During many years advocating on behalf of the poor – like Jesus did – he knows that while being poor is tough, living with a disability as […]

Hermie Petersen

North Island Engagement Manager Hermie  joined the cbm team in 2010. Prior to working for cbm she lived in South Africa and worked as an External Business Banker.  My passion for cbm What I love about my job is:  I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to be a part of cbm.  While I am doing a small part […]

Judi Jones

Finance & Operations Director Judi grew up in South Africa, and moved to Auckland with her family in 2009. She joined cbm in June 2019, after having served as a financial auditor for 25 years across industries and sectors. However, over the last few years her passion for her not-for-profit clients, including churches and numerous […]

Robyn Tane

Engagement Director Robyn has worked in the charitable sector for over 12 years. Originally working in the finance sector, she says she had an ‘ah ha’ moment in her first charity role where she could ‘finally use her skills to help people.’ Robyn loves working with the team at cbm to help transform lives disadvantaged […]

Linabel Hadlee

International Programmes Director Linabel has contributed with work and research in the international development field for the last 15 years. Linabel’s previous experience includes roles in the United Nation’s Department of Economic and Social Affairs based in New York and as an advisor for the United Nations Environmental Programme. Born and raised in Mexico, Linabel […]

Murray Sheard

CEO Murray was born in Wellington and grew up in Thames. From there, he has lived and worked across the world, including a year within the walls of the Old City of Jerusalem. Murray joined cbm in August 2018, after working at Tearfund, where he led the department that introduced the Ethical Fashion Guide and the Justice Conference […]